Collection: Bernard O'Scanaill

 Born and raised in remote and rugged Connemara in the west of Ireland, Bernard's early art efforts were landscapes and seascapes inspired by the works of the many fine artists who made picturesque Connemara their home or certainly their summer camp.

Many years later and the rugged scenery of Tasmania's west coast rekindled the art flame. Trying oils, watercolour, ink and charcoal before settling into acrylics, Bernard edged his way back into considering himself an artist.

Maleny became home in 1990 and with work and kids it was 15 years before Bernard held his first exhibition at the legendary Upfront Club. As a result Bernard was invited to exhibit at the Clifden Arts Week in Ireland where he displayed his Australian landscapes with great success. Soon Bernard was holding exhibitions in Queensland and Ireland every year, often showing Australian themes there and Irish scenes here.

Bernard's work became more abstract as his confidence grew leading his exasperated youngest daughter to request that he draw 'something that looks like something'. Bernard's answer was his iconic poured cows series and his shows 'Coos' and later 'Porous' cemented his reputation as 'that cow's arse painter'.
Baffled by the amazing response to his bovine bums, Bernard is left to ponder whether he's a Catalyst or an Arsonist.

Bernard who lives at Crystal Waters Permaculture Village is a keen composer and also does sculpture and mosaics.

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