A Date On The Lounge- Ep 2

I am Joanne

I am Julya

And we are MAD

We have Mothers Day approaching so I thought we should treat ourselves to some scones and tea, both being Mothers. 

I hope as you reading this you also are enjoying a cup of tea..

Over the previous years as a art gallery curator I have had artists walking into the gallery to seek representation.  I admire and respect that hey have reached out to me and it is not easy to so. There is a sense of fear of rejection once you have decided to make contact and all emotions associated with cold calling.  I like to assist emerging artist with their creative journey, but there is a right etiquette, some do's and don'ts.   I recently had a cold call which ended not so good for all involved which has prompted me to discuss this today.

Julya and I have complied these tips to help this process easier

Gallery owners are in business and have to prioritise their time in such a way as to have good customer, artist and staff elations and a quality product.

Gallery owners time is as precious yours.  Never just turn up- do not cold call.

Do not approach a gallery and  in your initial conversation ask about their terms and conditions.

Do your research first- What sort of work does the gallery sell, does it compliment the type of artist you are.

If you do abstract paintings and the gallery sells only subject matter or representational based work, it is not the gallery for you.

Your work must be in sympatico with and match up with what the gallery sells. This can change at different stages of an artists career.

Research thoroughly to come up with a potential list of galleries to approach.

Do you have at least six recently finished and framed works  that are all consistent in style and quality?

Are you confident you can reliably supply a gallery with at least one new work per month?

Email but don't send a bulk email- approach one gallery at a time.

With your email, attach a professional quality photos of your six framed, recent works- ensuring that as a group on a wall they will all work together as a cluster

Hope these tips help and good luck with your creative journey