MAD Broadast- A Date On The Lounge Episode 1

I am Joanne

I am Julya

And we are MAD

Welcome to our first episode of "A date on the lounge".

2024 we has it gone....

Upcoming Bernards Exhibition, with his famous black and white cows, or as he calls them "Coos"

New artists showing coming into Easter and Mother s Day

Floral Twist by Viera Keogh, beautiful arrangements of dried flowers grown all from her garden here in Maleny, Spray free.

Patti Murray- porcelain cups and saucers, hand drawn banksia's flowers. Such a beautiful feel when you place them in your hand.  You almost smell and taste the tea.

Wood Expo here in Maleny with the Wootha Art Prize, Maleny Art Direct proud sponsor.  25 years this year. 

We are constantly hearing are people are doing it tough.. The last thing we need to do is to get caught up in the fear hype. Times are tough, but always have been in different ways for Consumers and Artists.  One thing that has not changed and that is Art and how it can make you feel-  Arts brings Joy, continuingly.

Artists need to keep evolving  and think out of the box, like you Juyla as an artist.  A plate of arnotts biscuits, a cup of tea or coffee with a arnotts biscuit, always makes you feel better.

No substitute for creating delicious moments, art creates creative moments

Keeps us sane, stop us from going MAD..