Stick & Stone – Jewellery by Rebecca Ward

Rebecca Ward is a contemporary jeweller and artist based on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland where she works from her, off-grid solar-powered studio on Stoney Edge Nature Refuge.

Her work is ‘material focussed’ and she uses a variety of natural materials and repurposed found objects to, create and, theme-her jewellery and small objects.

She exhibits both nationally and internationally and her work is housed in the collection of the Art Gallery of South Australia.

She also works collaboratively on large scale public art sculpture projects with her artist partner – Rusell Anderson.

Rebecca is mother to two young girls, enjoys devising and delivering art workshops for adults and children and is also much involved with the regeneration of the koala habitat on her nature refuge property.


Lost and Found Pebble Jewellery:  Artist Statement

Feel the journey that a small, perfect pebble has made to finally rest in the palm of your hand. Formed under heat and pressure millions of years ago, it weathered to break apart from an ancient mountain, rolled down, down and down into rivers and streams and finally slooshed into the wide-open ocean to be relentlessly battered by waves, rocks and sand.

Made from 100% recycled sterling silver and natural raw beach pebbles fossicked from remote beaches of New Zealand and East Coast Australia.


Sea Jewels: Artist Statement

These jewels are inspired by fossicking for beach glass. I love the way years of tumbling in sand and sea wears away the jagged edges of randomly broken fragments so that they resemble something neither manufactured nor wholly natural. I have reduced the process to a few days and nights of tumbling in a rubber barrel attached to an electric motor powered by an off-grid solar array, but please don’t tell anyone. 

Sea Jewels earrings are 100% recycled sterling silver and reclaimed glass from demolition yards artisanal scrap and old bottles.