Patena Moesker – Artists Statement

Aug 15, 2020

Mixed Media – Gouache (opaque watercolour) and Artists Pencils on paper.

I have a background in Graphic and Textile Design.
With this in mind, this work reflects my interest in strong contrasts and colour. I use the theory and the dynamics of colour in an attempt to create dramatic visual effects.

For many years I also worked with Lino {Relief) Printing. This influence should be easily seen. On the edges, I like to ‘break the frame’ with curved, sinuous black lines varying in thickness to create a synergy with the inside content. Stylisation and organic shapes are combined to develop the landscape, both realistic and imaginary. Features are created using an ongoing interest in birds and other native creatures in our environment.

Pattern and tone is also consciously applied, reflecting my other interest in Contemporary Batik making. Dye and watercolour relate beautifully …
Process – once an image is redrawn, reworked and the design is resolved, the gouache watercolour is firstly applied on good quality watercolour paper. Detail and tone is then added with the artists’ pencils. Any additional finishing is completed using (black) ink pens if required.
It is a very pleasing and versatile process …

No computer programs are involved.
The works are hand-drawn and finished.
The work is essentially decorative, not conceptual, and can be used for many applications in the commercial/digital art world if desired