Bernard O’Scanaill…

Nostalgic, Spontaneous, Humorous, Re-inventing and Inspiring are just some of the words that come to mind to describe the upcoming Art Exhibition at Maleny Art Direct, featuring local artist – Bernard O’Scanaill.
Originally from Connemara in the west of Ireland, Bernard O’Scanaill has been residing on the Sunshine Coast since 1990. Bernard is a self-taught artist. He took up a career in teaching and continued to pursue his many artistic talents which include music, design painting and construction.
An accomplished musician, award winning composer and acclaimed painter, Bernard’s inspiration for his art is based on what he has experienced directly.
“I’m a spontaneous artist who simply sets himself in front of a blank canvas, blanks his mind and even closes his eyes before trusting those initial strokes to lead the way. The results can be anything and vary in style from the abstract to seemingly detailed and intricate works”.
Over the years when time permits, he has been drawn more and more to his easel, his talent with brush, palette- knife, and sometimes his finger, has resulted in the development of a style that is bold, positive, assured and unselfconscious. His work has been described as possessing an impulse to confront, unnerve, to challenge and to amuse.
“I always drew lots as a kid and then in my 40s I discovered the fun and excitement of using colours, big brushes and palette knives and trusting the process will lead…… somewhere.” Bernard.
Bernard has exhibited in Ireland, France and various galleries here in Australia. His work can be found in many corporate, public and private collections in the U.S., France, Ireland and Australia.

Bernard’s current exhibition called “Damhsa”, pronounced Dow-Sah, meaning to Dance.
This latest collaboration of work is Landscapes featuring his “famous black and white cows, which stems from Bernard’s Friday morning ritual of milking his three cows and a collection of works of his memories and vision of his home in Ireland.

Opening night is on Saturday 14th March at 4pm, in conjunction with celebrations for St Patrick’s Day.. You might even be lucky to experience a glimpse of Bernard’s musical ability on the evening. After all, the Irish are known for a jig or two…