Bernadine Hine

I grew up in a creative household where I learnt many different arts and crafts and was always looking for something new to try.  I was given a Singer hand crank sewing machine when I was six and thus began my textile journey. My love of art saw me to do many workshops and short TAFE courses including watercolour painting, life drawing and photography. It was only a matter of time before my passion for art and my love of sewing would collide and merge into a journey of textile art.

My work encompasses a love of nature and has been a joyous journey to make. I make field trips and photograph plants, landscapes, birds and insects and use these images as inspiration to then draw my designs from.

I began exhibiting my work in 2002 and since then I have  received over 40 awards and achievements and my work has been featured in many Quitling and Textile Art publications.